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Get to Know More About

Get to Know More About "Languedoc-Roussillon"


Heading back around 5th century BC, Greeks were believed to be the first group of people who planted the first vines and opened trading posts near Adge. However, viticulture in Languedoc was developed later during the ruling of the Roman Empire and played an important role in the regional economy. 



"Languedoc-Roussillon" has around 235,000, which is considered to be the largest wine growing area in the world!  Languedoc-Roussillon situated in the South of France running along the Mediterranean coast toward the south next to the border of Spain. The Languedoc, known as the birthplace of French organic wine, are predominantly red blends made from Grenache, Syrah, Carginan, Mourvedre, and Cinsault. 


"Languedoc-Roussillon" covers a large area that connects to many places, Rhone river, Pyrenees mountain (border between Spain and France), Mountains Corbieres, and Mediterranean coast along the east side of the region. Languedoc has quite various terrain due to the large area, but the climate is typically Mediterranean with pleasantly warm on the coast, mild winter, hot summer and strong wine and low rainfall levels.


"Languedoc-Roussillon" is also a home land of multiple soils as well, clay and limestone is the most found here and there is also a schist, shale, granite, pebbles, and sandstone. Languedoc wines are predominantly red blends that are made with Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, Mourvedre, and Cinsault which has a flavor profile dominated by red fruit and spices.


Special tips!

a subregion of Languedoc and the home of La Blanquette de Limoux, is considered as "the oldest sparkling wine" produced in France since 1531 by monks of St.Hilaire (before Champagne was invented!). Limoux's sparkling wine is made using the traditional method, which involves a second fermentation in the bottle!