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The story of Limestone Soil

EP.1 What is Limestone Soil?
You've probably seen a number of wine technical sheets that say "grow in limestone soil..." and wondered what limestone looks like and why it matters to the wine?

So! Let's find out more about it today!
Limestone is soil that made from the deposition of living organisms that lived in the ocean. This type of soil contains various amounts of beneficial nutrients to grapes due to the high percentage of calcium carbonate, which make them grow well and produce a sweeter flavor to grapes. It is great at draining water, but also able to absorb and hold when the plant needs it. More importantly, calcium carbonate which is the main element helps prevent the grapes from disease and fungus!
Limestone soils can be found in areas of Burgundy, Champagne, Jura, Loire and Rhone in France, and also in some other country such as south of England. Limestone soils influences the feel of minerality in the mouth, and particularly the acid line. Wines that planted with a substantial amount of limestone will have a great brightness, freshness and the acidity